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Laurinda Spear and Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Miami House

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this bitch has the overdrawn lips on LOCK like no one can touch her don’t you love it ? I want to overdraw my lips too even tho I don’t need it lol

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#shes soo hot god #perfect

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Logan Lerman for Flaunt Magazine - 2014.

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Aug. 26 11:55 am


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im garbage!!!!! stuff me i n the bin

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#im so la rge i probably wont fit tho

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imsomewhereonlyiknow it’s called breathe!!!! it’s wonderful

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attn: mitchell pestonoodles is the greates t human to grace the fac e of the earth

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#i love mitchell

this meditation APp is so. nice. wow. i have done two meditation sessions toda y and cried through both of them but they were still nice

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on my weathe r app i have hyderbad as one of the cities and i check it everyday. i miss my grandparents

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im jst. a bitter and angry person

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#and sa d and stupid and pathetic too l o l